Hightop v. Hi-Top: A Hightop (or Hi-Top?) Investigation

‘sup, Benny Gloves checking in here…

So lots going on behind the scenes at the HTTA Global (yup, more on that later) Main Office today. Everybody knows that HTTA is like one big, happy, dysfunctional family. And today Lil Dogg and Le Cap have been going at it over whether we should be Hightop Table or HiTop Table, and how do we prevent confusion across the growing HTTA social media empire.

Now one thing you all know about Le Cap is that he isn’t like other big time media #magnates. Because HTTA isn’t just about us, it’s about all you Hi-Toppers (or Hightoppers) out there. So Le Cap doesn’t sweep anything under the hightop (or hi-top), and you won’t be hearing from “sources” about discontent at the Hightop (or Hi-Top)Global Main Office. We’ll tell you ourselves.

And man was it just classic Le Cap and Lil Dogg. You had Dogg just wanting to push HTTA to be the best it can be and Le Cap making sure we don’t lose anything that makes Hightop (or Hi-Top) the Hi-Top (or Hightop) that everybody knows and loves. When you have been out there building this thing #shinglebyshingle you don’t just throw away over 900 of those shingles. You even had Bob from IT coming in from the clouds talking about repointing domains (classic Bob)

And that’s why me and the rest of the Hi-Top (or Hightop) family just love free blogging for this zany Buccaneer Vessel. We fight, we disagree, we repoint domains and we do it all for and with you loyal Hightoppers (or Hi-Toppers) out there.

Oh, where does ya boy Benny come down on the Hightop v. Hi-Top debate? Well, I try to follow the advice of Dirk Diggler. I am not settling on a name until I close my eyes and see it in exploding purple neon lights.


    • Oh man more classic LD right there… if Cap is the #bigthinker, then Dogg is definitely the #clearthinker. Just another example of why I love free blogging for these guys.


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