Fixing Football…Again

Look ratings are down. The NFL IS IN TROUBLE!!!! Everyone with a sketchy Facebook newsfeed can see the writing on the wall. 

But we here at Hi-Topper HQ don’t see problems. We see solutions. We’re solutions guys. It’s just who we are. 

And the solution to fixing the NFL lies in three little words – OVER THE TOP

No one goes over the top any more. It’s all QB dives. Quick snaps. Surprise sneaks. 

The fans need bodies flying through the air like Superman. 

We need a pile a fat lineman on the goal line and a hero gliding overhead. 

We need the anxiety, the anticipation. Will he fumble? Will he get knocked sideways and spun like a top (so cool)? Or will he fly to glory and highlight film posterity? 

The NFL needs heroes. And yes not all heroes wear capes but the ones I want on the gridiron battle field sure do know how to fly. 

– Lil’ Dogg

P. S. Any excuse to post a Sweetness highlight video is an excuse I’ll take. 


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