Code Red Press Release (with editorial notes)

From the desk of Le Capitaine

For Immediate Release:

Way back when we started this journey (a week ago), with (no) planning and (no) advanced thought, I never thought we’d be here. What started as a simple inside joke, has turned into a much more complex inside joke. We have gone over 1,000 Views of Pages (not sure we can legally use those two words in the order that others may), so seems like a bunch of people are in on the joke now. And now we’re Worldwide- shout out to Bangladesh Bill (not his real name).

What many (of us) probably thought we’d have moved on from by now, is growing steadily. But for Me, Lil Dogg, Benny, and the rest of the crew, that’s not good enough. We are real visionaries. (Eh?) You guys have had to do all of the work and find us, but now we’re going to be able to get into your feeds.

HTTA is happy to announce, in our biggest (only) deal yet, we’ve invested (time only) to acquire two key social media accounts (literally requires no brain and minimal effort). You can find us at:

Twitter: @HiTopAthletics

And like our Facebook page:  Hi-Top Table Athletics  (@HiTopAthletics)

Also, you can get us at

Bookmark it!


If you like us, great, keep reading the stuff. We will keep spitting out our unique takes on what’s going on…and may be branching into some other topics from time to time.

If you don’t like it, post a comment and let us know why it sucks . Even better, write something better and send it over. We’ll hire anyone (there will be no money involved).

Until then, Le Cap, out.


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