A Tale as Old as Time…or like 1972. UNC Berry – OUT 

News out of Chapel Hill says that the defending National Champion North Carolina Tar Heels men’s basketball team will be starting their title defense without senior Guard Joel Berry, last season’s Final Four MOP. 

Berry has reportedly broken his right hand by punching a door in frustration after losing a video game to a teammate. 

Ahhhh, Video Game Rage, you are a devil I know all too well. 

The year is 1972. An adolescent boy sits in a dusty shag carpeted basement locked in concentration as he attempts to keep a tiny dot from passing by his electric paddle. Suddenly without warning the TV screen twitches, the game seems to freeze but then the tiny dot has passed by his paddle. 

Game Over!

Video Game Rage!!!!
Video games and Video Game Rage were invented simultaneously. They co-exist. You can’t have one without the other because as I’m sure Joel Berry can attest there is a difference between your normal every day stuck in traffic, post office waiting line, vending machine just ate my dollar RAGE and the very specific 😡😡😡RAGE😡😡😡 that comes from Video Games. It’s primal and gutteral, it comes from deep within and can only be expressed through a physical action. You may scream, you may cuss but you will always feel the intense need to break something, anything, even as Mr. Berry has shown, if that something is your own bones.  

Now the most obvious target of VGR is the game controller. This has been exacerbated by the invention of the wireless controller which can be hurled at speeds nearing a Nolan Ryan fastball (VGR gives the victim superhuman strength). 

But the experienced VGR haver knows that breaking your controller only leads to regret and depression as you can no longer play your video game without its controller. 

Instead you need to break something else.  A table can be smashed. A glass thrown. Or in poor Joel’s case, a door punched. 

A hand broken. A senior year tarnished. 

Just another victim of that old VGR.  

– Lil’ Dogg

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