Hi-Topper Legendary Team – 1990 Cincinnati Reds

What makes a Hi-Topper Legend? 

Many have asked this seemingly unanswerable question. It’s a feeling, a look, something you only know when you see it, a certain je ne sais quoi that’s instantly recognizable, everyone wants it but only a few can possess it. 

Let me tell you Hi-Topper Nation, the 1990 Cincinnati Reds had it in spades. 

In honor of tonight’s start of the World Series, let’s take a look back at an all-time Hi-Topper Legendary Team. 

The 1990 Reds were a bunch of characters for sure but they were also underdogs who weren’t given a chance in hell to make it past the mighty Bash Brother led Oakland A’s. Sounds just like a certain scrappy blog I know. 

But characters they did have and they were some all-timers:


Damn right you wouldn’t want to face any one of these hombres at the tail end of a nine inning affair. Just take a gander at those glorious glorious mullets. 


Top 5 smoothest swing without question. Cooler than a polar bear’s toenails, #44 just oozed style at all times. 


The King of the Nerds. Sabo patrolled the Hot Corner like a Middle School Hallway Monitor. No funny business ever got by this geek. 


The Boss. Sweet Lou. Nothing more to say when a picture says it all. 

Hi-Topper Nation salutes you, 1990 Cincinnati Reds – a true Hi-Topper Legendary Team. 

-Lil’ Dogg


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