Ballers Behaving Badly

stephcurryCan I ask a serious question for a second? WTF is going on in the NBA? The league has often been held in mixed regard by the public, but this opening week has been alarming. Suggestion to Adam Silver, from one true leader to a supposed-to-be-leader…get this shit locked down. Your stars are running amuck. You think just because Lil’ Dogg is getting more views than a Kim Kardashian ass pic, I’m not going to hold him accountable for anything?! Hell no. Everyone around here answers to the iron fist of Le Cap. Carry a big stick,  but speak loudly, and often.

For everyone’s benefit, here is a recap of some of this week’s highlights.

Bobby Portis- Nikola Mirotic – This sounds like middleweight fight being billed on Showtime. You know, the fight the one guy in your group keeps saying “This will be the best fight in the past 5 years”. But in actuality, these guys are basketball players, and Portis decked his teammate and put him into the hospital. Supposedly, playing time and Mirotic’s trash talk in practice was the impetus, but I can’t help but think Blake Griffin getting a max deal less than a year after punching out a team employee didn’t do anything to deter it. The league did hand down a sizable punishment, but it’s Bobby Portis, so is anyone really going to notice?

Steph Curry is whiny little entitled bitch- Superstar goes to hoop, superstar doesn’t get the call he feels he’s owed, superstar complains to ref. It’s the tale as old as time. Except, this time, Steph Curry upped the ante and threw his mouthpiece at the ref. His response was to deny that he meant to do it. This is the same brat that has thrown his mouth guard in the stands in the past. The verdict? 50K fine…no suspension. Vid is linked at bottom

I guess this is where we are at with Curry? He’s the golden boy with an NBA birth rite, and can do whatever the fuck he wants with very little backlash?

When Roberto Alomar spit at John Hirschbeck in 1996, there was some debate on whether or not the umpire insulted Alomar’s mother and used racial insults. After the fact, Alomar owned it and apologized. Even still, the only real defense he got at the time was a lazy, arguably racist “Hey, Latinos love their mothers and are a fiery bunch! What’d you expect?”. Years later, there will still rumblings that the incident would keep him off HOF Ballots.

Not only is nobody saying this would keep Curry out of the HOF, it won’t even keep him out of ONE GAME. It’s an absolute joke. Curry is the embodiment of everything wrong with the NBA. No, fuck that, with sports. People are up Yasiel Puig’s and Bryce Harper’s ass for showing emotion on the diamond, and we have Stephie out here throwing bodily fluids on officials?

Steph Curry is Le Cap’s #1 NBA Villain and a rising star on the HTTA Most UnWanted List.

Celtics Star Kyrie Irving says something to fan-  I really haven’t had any time to look into this, but I’ll just assume it wasn’t that bad and any punishment is too harsh.



Le Capitaine


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