Billy Corgan…..still the WORST

Billy Corgan, oh excuse me William Patrick Corgan, yes the most egomaniacal musician to ever live is now calling himself William Patrick Corgan, stopped by The Tonight Show this week to “perform” a new song. 

I will post video of this “song” because I am a blog professional and that’s what blog professionals do but I warn you, no I IMPLORE YOU – DO NOT WATCH!!!  It is bad. So bad that it’s beyond bad it’s actually embarrassing. Not for Billy because I have no doubt good ol’ William Patrick thinks this is the greatest piece of music ever composed. I’m embarrassed for Jimmy Fallon and the Roots and the studio audience who all had to sit through this turdfest and clap politely at the end. 


– Lil’ Dogg

P.S. – Alternative titles for this blog included: The Day the Music Died Again, Billy Corgan still ruining music 30 years on, Kurt would never have done this, etc etc. 

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