Le Cap’s Official* Ginger Ale Rankings

I’m going mainstream, mass produced, Ginger Ale brands here. So don’t bring me your comments about Aunt Lucille’s fresh-brewed ginger ale that you can only get at farm-stands and two specific New Hampshire State Liquor Stores.

As with Le Cap food reviews #twobites :  Two Sips, everyone is aware of the stipulations.

#4. Polar Ginger Ale.

Polar…WTF. You’re slaying it with seltzer water. People go nuts for that shit. Legitimately, Mrs Cap searched multiple stores to complete the set of some limited release shit called like Unicorn Sweat or something, that you put out this summer. Why are you risking your brand name on some bullshit Ginger Ale like this? If I blogged like you make Ginger Ale, I’d be out the business.

#3. Schweppes

I get why Schweppes exists. It’s the yang to the ying that is Canada Dry. But, the problem is, it’s just not good. Too sweet and syrupy. Not enough ginger. Weak effort. And it sucks because a ton of restaurants and bars have Schweppes, and a Jim & Ginger with Schweppes…I can’t be drinking that.

#2. Seagram’s

Pretty sure you can only get this on an airplane, so my review may be tainted due to airplane ice-  which is understandable, that is the undisputed heavyweight champ of ice. But it’s not bad. Much lighter and more refreshing than Schweppes. It must make Schweppes feel like shit that a brand like Seagram’s can just make ginger ale on a whim, sell it almost nowhere, and just dominate you.

#1. Canada Dry.

I’m not sure there is another brand that is this much better than their competitors in any area. It’s an absolute blowout. No brainer. Official Ginger Ale of Le Cap, and HTTA.

Other than to get something out, I have no idea why I even framed this as a competition at this point. Fuck it. It might help that guy or lady out there who thinks to themselves, “I feel like a ginger ale, but I don’t have an array of ginger ale knowledge or any loyalty to a brand…I have no idea what to do.” And that’s why we’re in business. To help all the clueless people out there.


-Le Capitaine

Canada dry


  1. Take a Canada Dry, add some ice, a touch of grenadine, and a cherry, what do you get? A happy kid sipping a Shirley Temple, it makes them feel like part of the family while Pop-Pop and Me-Ma are sipping mai tai’s at Kowloon. My grandkids love this cocktail, I suggest others try it. It is like training wheels for drinking.


  2. When I heard there was a guy ranking ginger ale brands YOU KNOW I had to check it out!

    Good stuff makes me wish I cared about baseball, basketball, and ears.

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  3. When I was a kid, me and my uncle used to go up 93 to sip up on a Chelmsford Ginger Ale – IN Chelmsford. It was nostaligic as I got older. Then Captain Morgan joined us and I became Super Fly Snuka. He was Ricky Steamboat.


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