What you talkin’ about, IT?

MATT1980.JPGI’ll spare you the details of SI’s IT piece; if you really feel the need to read 5,000 words of garbage you already knew, the boys will have plenty of content coming at you.  But what got my high thread count boxers in a bunch was IT’s pissing and moaning about Danny.

He’s 5’9, entering the back nine, had a career year and looking for the “Brinks truck”. Oh, and a hip injury that didn’t need, then maybe did, then ultimately didn’t (we think) need surgery. Not to mention he was rescued from a waste of time career, when Danny pulled off one of the biggest fleecings ever since I traded Joe Chausse a Robin Ventura rookie card for a box of hardcore porn in 1991. Danny and Brad made him. He owes everything to them. Now his feelings are hurt because he was traded…FOR A BETTER PLAYER.

Listen, I loved IT in Green. Solid underdog story. In the St Ray’s CYO 3-point shootout in 1992, the Vegas line on me would’ve been +900. But when 10’s of people tuned in live on channel 3, they saw this pudgy bastard stroking the 3 ball, and sending Kevin Ellis home empty handed. But the key is, you have to know your place. If the Bulldogs for some reason traded me* to the Blue Devils for Ellis, I wouldn’t have said I’ll never talk to Coach Eddie again. Know your place, IT.

*this trade would not have happened. Le Cap was a grinder, heart and soul guy…also as far as I know, trades weren’t allowed.

-Le Capitaine

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